Reasons Why Your Tap Water is Cloudy and How to Fix It

Have you ever turned on your tap in your bathroom or kitchen sink and noticed that the water flowing out is cloudy instead of clear?

Cloudy tap water can be both annoying and concerning. In this article, we will explore the common causes of cloudy tap water and provide effective solutions to help you restore the clarity and quality of your drinking water.

Just some of the common reasons for cloudy water include Total Suspended Solids, air bubbles, methane gas, hard water, and sediment buildup.

Let’s go over each of those in more detail below:

How to Fix Cloudy Tap Water

1. Total Suspended Solids (TSS):

To start, one of the most common reasons why our plumbers see cloudy tap water is when there’s a presence of Total Suspended Solids (or TSS) in the tap water.

TSS are tiny particles, such as dirt, sand, sediment, or rust, that can find their way into your water supply. If there’s a lot of TSS particles, it can make your tap water appear cloudy or murky.

How to Fix:

To address the issue of Total Suspended Solids in your water, you can install a sediment filter or a whole-house water filtration system to remove these particles and improve the overall water quality. If unsure of which filtration system to use, your local plumbers can also give you recommendations.

2. Air Bubbles

Air bubbles trapped in the water can also cause cloudiness. This phenomenon often happens when the water is under high pressure, such as after a disruption in the water supply or when the plumbing system is flushed.

Fortunately, air bubbles are harmless and tend to dissipate on their own within a short period.

How to Fix:

If you see a lot of air bubbles in your tap water, simply allow the water to sit in a glass for a few minutes, and the bubbles will rise to the top, resulting in clear water.

3. Hard Water

Another cause of cloudy tap water is hard water.

Hard water is characterized by high mineral content, mainly calcium and magnesium. When hard water is exposed to air or heated, it can cause the minerals to precipitate and form a cloudy appearance.

How to Fix:

To combat cloudy water as a result of high mineral content, consider installing a water softener system, which will remove the excess minerals and prevent cloudiness caused by hard water.

4. Sediment Buildup

Over time, sediment can accumulate in your plumbing system and cause cloudiness in your tap water. This buildup can occur due to the deterioration of pipes, corrosion, or the presence of contaminants.

How to Fix:

Flushing your plumbing system or using a sediment filter can help reduce the sediment and improve the water clarity.

5. Methane Gas

Cloudy tap water can also occur due to a presence of methane gas. This can happen if you have well water or live in an area with high methane concentrations in the groundwater. Methane gas dissolves in the water and creates tiny air bubbles, causing the water to appear cloudy.

How to Fix:

While it is not a common occurrence, if in the event you do suspect methane gas as the culprit, it’s crucial to consult a professional plumbing company to assess the situation and take appropriate measures to address it.

Cloudy Tap Water FAQs

How do you get rid of cloudy tap water?

The best way to eliminate cloudy water coming out of your faucets will depend on the specific cause (which is either from TSS, air bubbles, hard water, sediment buildup, methane gas, or even cold weather). Installing a filtration system, flushing your plumbing, using sediment filters, or addressing the underlying issue with professional assistance are some common solutions that we recommend.

Will cloudy tap water go away?

In many cases, cloudy tap water will go away on its own. Air bubbles and some suspended particles will settle, resulting in clear water. However, if the cloudiness persists or you suspect a more significant issue, we highly recommend that you seek a licensed plumbing company to come and take a look at the issue.

Why is my tap water suddenly cloudy?

Sudden cloudiness in tap water can be attributed to various factors. These include 1.) disruptions in the water supply, 2.) the plumbing system flushing, or 3.) changes in the groundwater composition. Knowing the cause will help you know what solution to follow.

Is it safe to drink cloudy tap water?

Cloudy water coming out of your faucets is typically safe to drink. However, if you notice any unusual taste, odor, or color, it’s advisable to contact your local water utility or a professional to conduct a water quality test to ensure you and your family’s safety.

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Cloudy Tap Water

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