New Septic Construction

Trust the Septic Experts

Valentine Inc. provides new construction septic needs for our customers in Northeast Wisconsin from Green Bay to Appleton.  Our septic services include:

  • Conventional systems
  • Holding tanks
  • At-grade systems
  • In ground pressure systems
  • Mounds

Valentine Inc. will get the job done.

With proper planning, our customers will find each aspect of their new septic system to be done with proper regulations.

The first step is to get a soil test done.  This test determines what type of system is needed, and the permits required with the customers local county.  The system install includes several phases and is dependent on which type of system is installed.  Then we lay out where the system will be installed, and determine the equipment and material needed for the job.

The second step is the installation of the septic or holding tank. This requires digging down and setting the tank properly to install the plumbing for the system.

The next steps differ for certain systems, including pump installation, mound creation, or final landscaping of the system.

With Valentine Inc., you can rest assured the job will be done efficiently and to the needs of our customers.

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